Is Your Damaged Electrical Panel Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance?

Is there a major appliance in your home that is not working? Do you have flickering lights, power loss, or TV’s being damaged by power fluctuations? Are there crackling sounds coming from your major electronics? These could all be signs of a damaged panel, which should not be ignored!

An electrical panel is the heart of a home’s electrical system. Outdated and damaged panels leave homes open to serious fire hazards and can damage appliances and electrical equipment. Often, older panels cannot handle the demand burden placed on their systems by today’s power usage. It may not properly protect your home from over-currents and short circuits. An outdated or damaged panel is a serious fire hazard.

Electrical panels can potentially be costly to replace. There is no “do-it-yourself” for electrical panels! A damaged panel can only be examined, diagnosed and repaired by a qualified electrical professional. Understandably, this fact alone can be very intimidating to most homeowners. Often, it is enough to prevent individuals from seeking assistance from a qualified expert.

The good news is that your insurance policy may cover this damage and will often replace the panel for you!

The question then becomes, who should you call for help? We recommend you make your first phone call to Aha! Electric. Corresponding with insurance companies regarding damaged panels is an exclusive facet of our business that you simply won’t find with any other electrician.

Aha! Electric contractors are experts at proving certain types of panel damage. We have extensive experience investigating damaged electrical panels. Our comprehensive investigation process involves a thorough examination including both written and photo documentation of your panel. We generate a statement of facts and a full report for the insurance company to review. Not only that, but our professionals have the experience and rapport to effectively communicate this information to insurance company representatives in order to find out if the damage can be covered through your homeowner’s policy. Often, it is! In fact, when we take on your case, we put our personal Aha! Electric stamp on it. We can almost always guarantee coverage from insurance for damaged panels.

If you believe the safety your home may be under the threat of a damaged panel, do not procrastinate! The safety of your home is not worth it! Your insurance company may cover you. Call us today to find out!